This is a game which I started when I was 16-17 for the school. Uses DirectX 8 and Visual Basic. A year later I started a C++ DirectX 9 port, but I abandoned it because the code wasn’t mature enough, and I was more interested in other things.

The original documentation, more like a report actually, for the project can be found here (in Catalan): Tàrraco: Creació d'un joc d'ordinador (33MB PDF)


1r Premi LA SALLE Societat i Tecnologia al millor treball de recerca en l'àmbit de tecnologia vessant d'Enginyeria

2n Premi al Millor Treball de Recerca del I Premi UPF de Treball de Recerca en Enginyeria i matemàtica aplicada

Premi Consell Social URV a treballs de recerca de batxillerat i treballs de síntesi de cicles formatius de grau superior


A demo is available to download (version 0.3):

Download v0.3 Installer for Windows XP [Mirror]

sha1sum: 91e4be893df0787671310d876d9adc9e86422046


Recently wrote on how this game came to be, please check out this post where I talk about it