Toy Wars

Published: March 2010

Toy Wars is a game that I wrote while at was at Uni. It was first aimed at PSP (also works on Linux and Windows) but was later ported to other platforms such as GameCube and Wii.

It is a game amed at easy porting and therefore uses cross-platform libs such as SDL and can run with as little as 24MB of RAM and a CPU clocked at around 300MHz. It uses the ODE library for realistic physics, a custom game engine that supports stencil shadows, simple custom level scripting and 3D audio effects (with a custom mixer!).

All graphics, 3D models and music are originals and inspired on Toy Commander (the Dreamcast game!).


Toy Wars has entered in the following contests:


PSP game menu screenshot

Ingame PSP screenshot

Ingame PSP screenshot

I played around with 3D glasses for a bit, using a cheap blue/red glasses: 🖼️ Picture 1 🖼️ Picture 2

Also found a very old video of the game, during early development:

And another video about the blind Wii development (cause I did not have a Wii so that was my debug info): 🎥️ Video


Download Wii version v0.7 (33 MB) Mirror 1 Mirror 2

sha1sum: 80d39c7bbe7a48df47a58afa76c7a7e8ae630732

Download GameCube version v0.7 (29 MB) Mirror 1 Mirror 2  🎥️ Running on Dolphin

sha1sum: f6e084e582afd34ace41f820547b3b258b825366

Download PSP version v0.6 (26 MB) Mirror 1 Mirror 2  🎥️ Video

md5sum: 6e6f49faf80ee0d9d82d95d200259d97

Download Wii version v0.6 (32 MB) Mirror 1 Mirror 2

md5sum: 85725bf81e5f0d1f44c33bffe615a4ca

Download PSP version 0.2 (16 MB) Mirror 1

sha1sum: 1b60504e75203ea7ea58348e341c6c3450ef3ab5

Download Windows (32bit) version 0.2 (45 MB) Mirror 1

sha1sum: eb299e13abb015547cdd131ef60f19d002b3851c

Download Linux (32bit) version 0.2 (45 MB) Mirror 1

sha1sum: 09be4701b74908bccd01564d0e8562ca3ea0b27a


While browsing on my computer I came across some old backups from 2009/10 that show the very early stages of the game. I managed to record a video on the prebuild Linux 32bit executable it shipped: 🎥️ 2009 ToyWars video🎥️ 2010 ToyWars video

Since I managed to get my hands on two prebuilt early PSP releases, here they go, for posterity: Download EBOOTs.

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